Civic eState – Commons Agenda

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Country Netherlands
City Amsterdam
Name Civic eState – Commons Agenda
Date 2020
Description of the project Amsterdam is part of the Civic eState network. Its aims is to form a new bond with citizens, acknowledge the commons and make way for them in a practical and inspirational way.

“Heel de Stad, Heel de Aarde, also called The Whole Commons Catalog, is the catalog of Amsterdam’s commons packed with ideas and solutions for our time. The City of Amsterdam, one of the Civic eState’s City partners, is teeming with initiatives in which citizens are active in collective management to answer to daily needs such as housing, food and energy. As stated in the introduction by the editor Natascha Hagenbeek, “the commons is on the agenda”.” (

Urban Co-Governance Strong
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Strong
Tech Justice Moderate
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May 3, 2022