Cantiere Bolognina

Cantiere Bolognina

Restituzione finale del percorso del Cantiere Bolognina

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Country Italy
City Bologna
Name Cantiere Bolognina
Date 2016
Description of the project The site is located in an area affected by exemplary experiences of care and regeneration of the commons and social and cultural innovation, and aims to connect existing projects, increasing their potential and offering new opportunities for collaboration in the use of spaces, including private ones.

To date, CO-Bologna has contributed to the establishment of a Community Association among the merchants of the artists’ streets of Bolognina; while in the medium and long term it aims to accompany local actors in the construction of an Urban Improvement District of Bolognina (DUMBO), in order to create a neighborhood direction that synthesizes an institutionalized public-private-community partnership formula, modeling the process on the successful experience of Pilastro 2016.

The next action will concern living spaces and will involve the implementation of a co-design path, involving two types of apartment buildings (public and private), for the identification of collaborative forms of management of common parts and services. The path of reflection on private spaces will be followed by discussion on public space, thanks to the involvement of the Association of Merchants and the most active players in the field of innovation, with the aim of: sharing common initiatives to promote the area; advancing proposals for community care; and identifying actions to respond to the needs expressed during the path with residents.

The process is supported by Federcasa, which sees it as a useful experiment in the innovation of housing policies at the national level. It is coordinated by LabGov and relies on the collaboration of ACER Bologna, ASPPI, Quartiere Navile and the expertise of Kilowatt and CBS-Abito.

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July 26, 2018