Bogota – Parque 93 (Park 93)

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Country Colombia
City Bogota
Name Parque 93 (Park 93)
Date 1994
Description of the project The revitalization of the 93 Park in the neighborhood of Chicó, Bogota had become an iconic case for the city of Bogota. After years of abandoned, the neighbors of 93 went to the task of recovering the area.  In 1994 the Neighborhood Committee was founded with the support of district entities and private companies, later the Association of Friends of the 93 Park. 

In 1995, when Park 93 was officially inaugurated with the support of the Share Foundation. In 2009, the association assumes directly the administration, maintenance and economic use of the Park, based on the framework agreement signed with the public administration to make this place a model for the city.  

This project of revitalization of the public space promoted by the Association of Friends of the 93 Park, the Sharing Foundation and the District Administration. It is an outstanding example of citizenship and civic commitment, put at the service of the community in 1995. Thanks to its strategic location, its green areas and the urban environment that accompanies it, the park is a must-see meeting place and a suitable center for cultural activities.  

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Weak
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice Weak
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Cra. 11A No. 93A – 46

Bogotá – Colombia


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June 8, 2018