Barcelona – Citizen Participation Regulation, Decidim

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Country Spain
City Barcelona
Name Citizen Participation Regulation, Decidim
Date 2017
The participation platform is a space for the promoting Committee to post information and collect digital signatures, provided by the City Council.

The Barcelona City Council, responding to a citizen and political demand, has launched a participatory process to change the rules governing citizen participation. The process is impulsed by a committee formed by all municipal groups, entities and experts.
The Committee of Government has approved the draft regulation starting with the first approval of the proposed legislation of the Ciutadana Participation Regulatory Rules.The President’s Committee has approved the initial text of the Ciutadana Participation Regulation.When the Presidential Committee adopts the proposal, it will be subject to public consultation for a period of three months.The year 2013-2014 will see the completion of a process to revise the legislation to bring it into line with social reality, which will not be opened in plenary for lack of political consensus. Some of the entities that want to take part in this process have asked the Council to resume a participatory process for revising the legislation, and, in response to these requests, this process has begun. This is a process that requires a full and political consensus, which is why a broad and representative steering committee has been set up, comprising the main political groups, second-tier entities and recognised experts in the field
The Highlight programs are : Cessation of public areas and information areas at the communication mechanisms, Community support, Civic management of equipment and municipal services, Facilitating the declaration of public utility, technical support for participation…

Urban Co-Governance Strong
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Strong
Tech Justice Strong
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June 8, 2018