Chișinău – Public Space Days

Credits: 2015 (C) Dumitru Brinzan -
Country Moldova
City Chișinău
Name Public Space Days
Date The event in itself took place in 2016.
Description Public Spaces Days is an event organised by the Oberliht Association.

The Public Space Days provide a framework and space for discussion and action on public space. The event aims to highlight the importance of public spaces in our societies and to advocate for open, democratic and inclusive public spaces in our cities. Oberliht Association firmly believes that inclusive and open public spaces are crucial for building and fostering a democratic city in particular, and an inclusive and equal society in general. Moreover the Association recognizes that the public, open and democratic character of public spaces in our cities is currently under threat. The Public Space Days brings together activists, policy makers, artists, active citizens, scholars, architects and the general public in order to raise awareness on topics concerning protection, democratisation and opening of public spaces, to share insights and reflections on the transformations of public spaces, to share practices, ways of organising and collective action that foster and reproduce democratic public spaces. All events during Public Space Days are open and free for everyone to attend. The second edition of Public Space Days took place on September 2016. The edition of 2015 [realized with the support of ECF’s Connected Action for the Commons], did focus on the right to culture and the right to the city.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Weak
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice N/A
Website APEL: Zilele Spațiului Public 2016 / ЗАЯВКА ДЛЯ УЧАСТИЯ: Дни Публичного Пространства 2016 | Zilele Spațiilor Culturale Alternative / 3-5 iunie 2022 (
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