Quito – Operación Urbana Sostenible – OPUS La Mariscal

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Country Ecuador
City Quito
Name Operación Urbana Sostenible – OPUS La Mariscal (Sustainable Urban Operation – Opus La Mariscal)
Date 2015
Description of the project The Sustainable Urban Operation – OPUS La Mariscal is located in La Mariscal, a historical neighborhood in Quito. The project initially aims to repopulate La Mariscal neighborhood, and revert current deterioration.

Early 2015, La Mariscal community started a process for creating sustainability in the neighborhood by launching a model which aims the creation of an auto-regulated territory, looking to ensure prosperity in the neighborhood resulting from the best possible balance between social, environmental and economic needs. This will be achieved by working with the community in the following axis: Security, Urban Agriculture, Social Services, Public Space and Mobility.

The model continuous to be validated by the community and external participants with the use of an app which supplies indicators to be used as a channel for social needs and accountability in a process we call “Public Moral Intuition”.

In-house, hand-on-hand community networking has allowed to take possession of several abandoned lots, which were used mostly for delinquency. Today they are operated by the community for several social needs that were absent around the area. This is the case of two houses which now hold a Community House and La Mariscal’s own Police Station.

In order to weave social bonds among the community, the model ensures community involvement by providing workshops, meetings, and gathering areas in each line of action referred in the project.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Strong
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Moderate
Project Website http://imacias8.wixsite.com/opus
References, sources, contact person(s) Source : website and https://www.facebook.com/opuslamariscal/

Contact : info@opuslamariscal.org



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June 8, 2018