Medellin – Bancuadra

Location Medellin
Field Community,  developing local economy, microcredits
Goals Under the collaborative economy model, the Bancuadra is a collaborative economy platform of neighborhood support networks, which through local capital, and a portfolio of participatory benefits provides access to resources to meet their daily needs, helping to significantly reduce the need to achieve Illegally borrowed money.

They call Bancuadra, the closest bank in the world, and it through a model of solidarity-based credit, based on trust. The project seeks to promote a collaborative economy in Medellin, create bonds of confidence to improve the social fabric and stimulate local commerce, so that people can buy more and better services in their own district.

Therefore, it will work through the creation of so-called Neighborhood Support Networks (RAVs), made up of between 25 and 30 people from the same neighborhood and, after each network is set up, there will be talk of a governance in which members can choose their treasurer and their promoter, who will have constant financial advice for the management of resources and to grant the quotas to those who request their loan.

This policy is under the Economy Development Secretary of the Local Government of Medellin, lead by the Opportunity Bank, ACI  and N Road, with flexible and low-interest loans.

Bancuadra proposes a safe alternative to payday, because the system operates from a digital platform, thus avoiding having to manage physical money.

Highlight programs / initiatives The components of this online platform will be:

BUSINESS PROJECTION: Techniques are proposed for the enlistment in the business world, exercises that give account of the recurring situations for cases in which it is proposed to start a business; ways to prevent or act on problem situations and how to take advantage of opportunities to benefit the company or business.

DIGITAL APPROPRIATION: It is aimed at imparting the necessary elements for the management of the Bancuadra platform, tips for virtual learning and tools that, when used within the platform, can be transferred to other virtual scenarios to promote the use of digital technologies.

FINANCE: This content provides tools for planning expenses, dealing with financial contingencies, saving to meet financial goals, efficient use of means of payment, and other tips for managing personal finances.

SOCIAL PROJECTION: Consists in the development of activities that encourage and promote collaborative work and teamwork, demonstrating their importance for individual and collective social development. Through this it facilitates the setting of common goals and their scope in the short, medium or long term.

LIFE HACKS: The best ideas for Parties and celebrations, recommendations and tips for planning parties and decorations in an agile and practical, without having to resort to expensive stores.

Year of beginning 2017
Economic resources 1millon U$S (Foundation Bloomberg Philanthropies)
Political source
Referents Valentina Aguilar Ramirez: Director of Opportunity Bank, Economic Development Office (Interview May 12)





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