Malaga – La Invisible

Location Malaga
Name La invisible
Community Level Local
Sector Associations, public spaces
Year of beginning 2007
Object La Casa Invisible is a social and cultural center co-managed by citizens that was born in 2007 when a network of citizens .and social innovators decided to give new life to a beautiful building owned by the municipality and versing in a state of abandon and degrade. The aim of this group of citizens were:

  • to stimulate processes of social auto-organization that strenghthen the social movements working for social justice;
  • to create a lab of cultural experimentation based on cooperation, collaboration and free culture criteria;
  • to facilitate paths of learning for topics (social sciences, politics, ICT, arts) that stimulate critical thought, social creativity and collective action;
  • to experiment new models of collective management of commons.
Field Urban
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