Madrid – Cesión de edificios municipales para uso público

Location Madrid
Community Level Local
Sector Associations, public spaces
Year of beginning 2015
Object This project establishes criteria, in the field of Districts of Madrid, for the management of the authorizations or assignments of use are intended to provide local associations with a space where they can develop social and cultural projects and activities for the neighbourhood. This regulation wants to make the election process of associations to use a public building more transparent and democratic.

The final goal is to have at least one of this buildings per district. Until now, five spaces on 4 districts (Arganzuela, Fuencarral, Chamberí y Barajas) were given to 40 associations to develop their activities.

In the meanwhile, the Municipality is detecting empty public spaces all around the city to be transfer the right of use by civil association and to do a public map of this buildings. Also, they are preparing a new legal regulation for the self-organizing that will address the transfer of spaces, activities that respond to the new needs that can be detected by the associative fabric and those that the Administration does not reach or the implementation of novel mechanisms of Access to municipal resources.

Field Urban
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