Amsterdam – Buiksloterham

Cityplot Buiksloterham images / information from Studioninedots + DELVA Landscape Architects
Location Amsterdam
Name Buiksloterham
Community Level Neighborhood
Sector Circular economy, urban regeneration
Year of beginning 2005/2006
Object Buiksloterham used to be the industrial district of Amsterdam, which was slowly abandoned by the companies who produced there, resulting in a polluted wasteland.

Around 10 years ago the Municipality decided to regenerate the area adopting an organic approach: the zoning was changed to allow for mixed uses, and the development of shared offices and housing solutions was favoured. Citizens were involved in the process, architects and designers were called to design the offices and, as the Municipality didn’t have enough resources (because of the 2008 crisis) land was given through a ten-years lease to entrepreneurs proposing an innovative and sustainable urbansim project. This led to the creation of floating houses connected by wooden walkaways who keep pedestrians away from the polluted soil, which is being cleaned by special plants, in an area centered around green energy.

The Municipality also sold of housing lots at low prices nearby, allowing citizens to design their own sustainable houses.

The nieghbourhood has become a growing circular economy district, with its own Manifesto.


Field Urban, periphery
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