Brussels – Community Land Trust

Location Brussels
Name Community Land Trust
Community Level City
Sector participatory governance, housing, community building
Year of beginning 2010 ; recognized in 2012
People involved CLTB counts 9 inhabited buildings, 6 active projects and other 6 projects in the making.
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) 15 associations got together to ratify a chart for the creation of the CLTB platform
Object The Community Land Trust of Brussels was the first of its kind. It has started as a citizens movement that since the early 2000s has tried to find a solution to the housing crisis in the city of Brussels. Through a process of learning and empowerment 15 associations finally got together in 2010 to ratify a charter and create a CLT platform. The citizens efforts were finally recognized by the government of Brussels in 2012, allowing for the transformation of the platform into the CLTB non profit association and public utility foundation. The Region also subsidized two pilot-projects: the Arc en Ciel and Le Nid project.

In September 2015 the “Ecluse” project becomes the first CLT inhabited in Continental Europe.

Today, the CLTB counts  9 inhabited buildings, 6 active projects and other 6 projects in the making. The project works like any other CLT, turning land into a collective property, ensuring affordable housing and community spaces that respond to the needs of everybody and especially of the most vulnerable citizens.

Field Urban
Source Interview with Geert De Pauw

Coordinateur | Coördinator



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