Brussels – Commons Josaphat

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Country Belgium
City Brussels
Name Commons Josaphat
Date 2015
Description Commons Josaphat is an independent citizens platform that reunites neighbors, activists and associations. What links all these actors is the idea that the city can be governed like a common good.

They are mobilized to transform the Josaphat site (24 hectares) in a common space. In order to do this they have written a proposal to the Brussels Region, the owner of the contested land, where they propose concrete solutions on the organisation of this neighborhood.

The proposition and the organisation is the result of the work of two different working groups and a general assembly where decisions are taken all together.

The first working group, the ’atelier de « modélisation »” has designed a project for part of the site, including among its members representatives from a participatory school, a social housing, a cooperative, and an energy producer among others. The second working group instead, called “atelier usage temporaire”, tried to follow the principles of the Commons in order to temporarily make use of the site.

The proposal that sums up the community’s demands includes ideas on housing, sustainable mobility systems, planning of public spaces, the set up of services and commerces, institutions and infrastructures to promote culture and protect citizens’ health, zero or positive energy solutions, ecological measures to maintain the nature of the land of Josaphat and the constitution of transversal governance and decision-taking models.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Weak
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June 8, 2018