Amsterdam – Amsterdam Sharing City

Location Amsterdam
Name Amsterdam Sharing City
Community Level City
Sector Sharing economy
Year of beginning 2015
Object Amsterdam is the first Sharing City in Europe and was initiated by shareNL. The purpose of Amsterdam Sharing City is to seize the opportunities that the sharing economy offers in the areas of sustainability, social cohesion and economy. And secondly to formulate answers to the challenges this rapidly growing phenomenon entails. The purpose of the Sharing City initiative is to create a playground for pilot projects. An urban living lab where all stakeholders pilot with this new phenomenon and share insights and experiences. Amsterdam already houses a large number of promising sharing economy platforms, but it’s also up to more ‘traditional’ organizations like for instance SMEs, NGOs and local governments to start addressing the sharing economy. From startups to corporates,

from community center to public library, from an insurer to the airport: they’re all ambassadors putting Amsterdam on the map as a city that has sharing on its mind.

Field Urban
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