Aarhus – Smart City Aarhus

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Country Denmark
City Aarhus
Name Smart City Aarhus
Date 2010; officially launched in 2012
Description of the project Smart Aarhus proposes a new way of organizing efforts to find effective and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by many cities today. Through collaboration between the public and the private sector, citizens, the business community, and knowledge institutions, Smart Aarhus offers a platform for everyone, who wants to make use the opportunities of digitization across sectors and hierarchies.

Smart Aarhus addresses both technical and social problems. The city of Aarhus is integrating and synchronizing its systems for water, transportation, energy, healthcare, waste removal/recycling, and so on while simultaneously working on ways to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. Second, Smart Aarhus has been designed according to a collaborative organizational model. Cities can only become smarter by fostering greater collaboration among policymakers, companies, entrepreneurs, and citizens. Smart Aarhus was established as a “collaborative community” within the Danish frame for smart cities as set by the Danish Ministry for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs.

As far as governance is concerned, the initiative is overseen by a steering committee, including representatives from the local business community, research institutions, and the municipality.   The Smart Aarhus secretariat works in close partnership with the municipality, Alexandra Institute, Aarhus University, and the Central Denmark Region as well as many different working groups, consisting of volunteers who work on challenges related to traffic, health, energy, culture, sustainability, and other areas.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Strong
Experimentalism Strong
Tech Justice Weak
Project Website http://www.smartaarhus.eu/
References, sources, contact person(s) Source: Snow, Hakonsson & Obel (2016) A smart city is a collaborative community: lessons from smart Aarhus, in California Management Review, 92-108


Contact :

 Line Gerstran. Smart City Coordinator, Business and Sustainable Development, The City of Aarhus,

+45 23 32 84 32



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