Milan – HousingLab

Source: Programma Integra,
Country Italy
City Milan
Name HousingLab
Date 2012
Description HousingLab is a research, experimentation and development laboratory for collaborative and sustainable housing. It was born as a project of the Design and Innovation for Sustainability Unit of the Politecnico di Milano but it wants to be a laboratory that operates in and for society. It is a research lab but also a place that offers consulting services and coaching for public administrations, private builders and mostly for inhabitants and cooperatives.

As an association, its objective is to foster good practices in the field of participatory and cooperative housing. To do so, HousingLab promtes and organizes cultural activities like festivals, exhibitions, seminars, etc on the theme of cooperative and social housing; it promotes and contributes in setting up training programs for privates but also for schools and universities; create a network of national and international experts in order to share and exchange ideas; and publish articles, books, and video on cooperative and social housing.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice N/A
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June 8, 2018