Zaragoza – Zaragoza Activa

Source: Zaragoza Actualidad
Location Zaragoza
Name Zaragoza Activa
Community Level City
Sector Collaborative economy, entrepreneurship, community building
Year of beginning 2010
Object Zaragoza Activa (ZAC) is a public ecosystem of entrepreneurship and social innovation whose global mission is to improve the social and economic conditions of the city. Their goals are:

1. To foster the entrepreneurial spirit by providing the necessary tools to people who want to develop their ideas, retaining and attracting the human capital of the city, enhancing business acceleration and employability paths.

2. Strengthen and involve communities in finding and applying solutions to their own challenges, incorporating the wealth of citizen innovation into public services with bottom-up planning dynamics.

3. Promote spaces for socialization and education, where open knowledge and free learning are promoted, from childhood to adult life.

4. To foster collaborative and cooperative environments, as a foundation and support for a global strategy of transition towards a more inclusive knowledge economy.
Zaragoza Activa (ZAC) has two venues in the city and is working to open the third. The main headquarters of ZAC is the former Azucarera del Rabal (c / Mas de las Matas 20) a factory recovered on the left bank of the Ebro with 4,000 m2 which opened its doors in 2010 and acts as the heart of the ecosystem.

Field Urban
Source  Zaragoza Activa, Spain. Sources: Website and fanpage.

Zaragoza, Spain

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