Winnipeg – South Osborne Permaculture Commons

Source: South Osborne Commons
Location Winnipeg
Name South Osborne Permaculture Commons
Community Level Neighborhood
Sector Urban community gardens
Year of beginning 2009
Object The South Osborne Permaculture Commons was born as an initiative as part of the Sustainable South Osborne Community Co-operative, which strives to create a culture of sustainability and resilience in the neighborhood through education, urban permaculture and community-based projects.

The South Osborne Permaculture Commons is a network of community garden spaces and food-related sustainability programs and events in Winnipeg’s Lord Roberts and Riverview neighbourhoods.

A commons is something that is shared. SOPC shares the space, the bounty, and the knowledge and experience that it brings to the gardens and events.

The gardens sites all follow the principles of ‘Permaculture’ – an approach to sustain living and a design philosophy that works with nature to increase yield, minimize work and heal the land. The gardens are run based on the three pillars of permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. All the gardens are pesticide and herbicide free, and they do not use any chemical fertilizers.

Field Urban
Source South Osborne Permaculture Commons, Winnipeg. Source: Website.

Winnipeg, Canada

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