Valparaiso – Farmacia Popular de Valparaiso

Source: Twitter - La Tercera
Location Valparaiso
Name Farmacia Popular de Valparaíso -Municipal Pharmacy of Valparaiso-
Community Level Local
Sector Health, community
Year of beginning 2017
Object In 2017, the Municipal Pharmacy of Valparaiso was Municipal Pharmacy of Valparaiso by the  local administration.The goal is to improving the services, increasing the range of medicines and decreasing the prices until a 90%.

With the incorporation of the Central Abastecimiento Nacional (CENABAST), the national entity for the distribution of medicine as a partner, the pharmacy wants to guarantee the access to medicine to all neighbors of Valparaiso.

The Municipal Pharmacy is planning to create an User Association that co-manage it, with the aim of promoting a network of distribution of medication in the neighborhood level, arraigning the importations of high cost medicines and incorporating the Chilean Municipal Association,

Field Medicine
Source Farmacia Popular de Valparaiso, Chile. Source: Facebook Page, Cooperativa. cl;





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