UK – Big Lunch

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City Different cities in the UK
Project Big Lunch
  Catchment Area Street
Policy Silo Social Innovation, Community Development, Walkability, Urban Liveability
Year of beginning 2009
N° of people involved The Eden Project, different communities
Description of the project Street events, such as Big Lunch, are temporary events that aim to trigger social capital between people living in the same area, thus building stronger communities, and reactivating the streets’ livability.

“A Big Lunch can be anything from a small gathering in a garden, park or driveway, to a larger party with trestle tables down the middle of your street.

(…)The idea is that by starting simple, all sorts of friendships, ideas and projects can come out of a Big Lunch. It gets people together and talking — and with a few inspired folk, it can lead to people doing more within their community, and tackling the issues that matter to them most.”


Field Street


United Kingdom

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