Turin – Cantiere Barca

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Country Italy
City Turin
Name Cantiere Barca
Date 2011
Description In a housing estate in the outskirts of Torino the 
lack of community cohesion and anti-social behavior coincided with underused public spaces around a housing estate. Anthropologists and designers gathered to propose
 a carpentry workshop on an underused building as the cornerstone for a wider social-spatial regeneration. The project was supported by the City of Turin, and included the participation of different young people right after Turin was voted European Youth Capital in 2010.The regeneration process started through the establishment of a carpentry workshop in the area of Barca neighborhood aimed at a learning-by-doing process. As the community learned new carpentry skills and built social capital, a meaningful process of collective regeneration started to take place. Hands- on making of wooden elements (such as sports structures, a theatre stage, children’s playground, hanging gardens) aimed at supporting social life brought new meaning to the neighborhood and its residents, setting.

“The products of “Cantiere Barca” became more and more spectacular, to such an extent that pieces which was meant to be temporary installations were catalogued as “public art” by the Turin City Council. This nourished hopes that the workshop would end up being a longer-term project, thus obliging those involved to think about consolidating and maintaining their constructions and organising their activities with a view to a more permanent programme.The Berlin-based group of architects handed over leadership of the programme to a group of local residents. The carpentry workshop had become a place where local people worked together with students and young professionals collaborating in the fields of architecture and design. The former butcher’s shop is now a community facility managed by a group of women from the neighbourhood.“ (http://www.publicspace.org/en/works/h109-cantiere-barca)

Initially, the local Council was paying electricity, water and heating bills, but when the Turin became less able to support the project due to economic issue, Cantiere Barca structure was dismantled. Still, what was conquered on the social level will never be lost.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Weak
Website http://progettobarca.blogspot.co.uk/
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Contact : progettobarca.to@gmail.com

Circonscrizione 6, Turin

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