Timisoara – Ambasada

Splaiul Peneș Curcanul 4, Timișoara, Romania

Source: Ambasada http://www.plai.ro/ambasada/
Country Roumania
City Timisoara
Date 2007 (officially 2014, official opening 2015)
Description The project Ambasada was born in 2007 in Rumania in order to create a space where collaboration between organizations, guilds, crafts and many other people could be encouraged. Free facilities and spaces allow anyone to set up a project, training, event. It is a brand under the CASA PLAI Association, a social enterprise developed in 2014 with the support of NESsT Romania Foundation, part of the European Project “Sprijin integrat Structurilor de Economie Sociala (SISES)”,which helped to make the project concrete. Space represents a resource for work, meetings and events, but also an atmosphere that stimulates and nourishes creativity and initiative, since it has a bistrot too.
Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Weak
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice N/A
Website http://www.plai.ro/ambasada/despre.html
References, sources, contact person(s) Website

Contact : ambasada@plai.ro


Splaiul Peneș Curcanul nr. 4-5
Timișoara, Romania

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