Santa Cruz – Orçamento Participativo

Source: IMVF
Country Cabo Verde
City Santa Cruz
Name Orçamento Participativo
Date 2012
Description Cape Verde has four pilot projects for participatory budgeting: Santa Cruz, S. Michael, Paul and Mosteiros.

The general goals of the project as listed on the website are the following:

  • To train different local actors for the activities of design, management, monitoring and evaluation of Participatory Budgeting processes to be established;
  • To develop a new type of local governance;
  • To develop a new culture of democracy and participation for the population of Cape Verde;
  • To give credibility to political action and develop educational processes that create citizenship;
  • To promote a shared experience and network relations between the authorities that encourage participatory budgeting.

How it will work:

1) Information sharing activities about the participatory budgeting: concept , history , methodologies ,designing templates , regulations , participatory cycles , etc.

2) Consultancy to authorities in the form of individualized support to municipalities with BP processes underway or for those interested in implementing new experiences . This advice takes into consideration aspects such as design, management , monitoring and evaluation of experiences .

3) Construction of a website which should contain a directory of BP experiences in Cape Verde, with its mapping and description, as well as contact information for those responsible for each PB, disclosure of instruments and materials used , dates and locations of public meetings , etc. The website must include: project presentation, news, schedule, library , resource centre and links of interest .

4) A National Meeting on Participatory Budgeting is to be held annually, every time in a different municipality, which promotes this kind of experience. These meetings should contribute to increasing the collective knowledge of the OP in Cape Verde , encourage the sharing of experiences and create bonds of networking between promoting authorities of PB.

5 ) Preparation of a publication on the subject of the Participatory Budget that should contain two parts:

The Santa Cruz project for PB in Capo Verde is the biggest one and the most important experiment in the country due to its size.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Weak
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Moderate
Project Website

Prefeitura De Santa Cruz Anuncia O Programa Orçamento Participativo (

References, sources, contact person(s) Participatory Budgeting Cape Verde. Source: Participedia

Contact for Santa Cruz : Prefeitura Municipal de Santa Cruz do Capibaribe

Santa Cruz, Cape Verde

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