Santa Cruz – Orçamento Participativo

Source: IMVF
Location Cabo Verde
Name Orçamento Participativo
Community Level City
Sector participatory governance
Year of beginning 2012
People involved Municipality and citizens
Object Cape Verde has four pilot projects for participatory budgeting: Santa Cruz, S. Michael, Paul and Mosteiros.

The general goals of the project as listed on the website are the following:

  • To train different local actors for the activities of design, management, monitoring and evaluation of Participatory Budgeting processes to be established;
  • To develop a new type of local governance;
  • To develop a new culture of democracy and participation for the population of Cape Verde;
  • To give credibility to political action and develop educational processes that create citizenship;
  • To promote a shared experience and network relations between the authorities that encourage participatory budgeting.

How it will work:

1) Information sharing activities about the participatory budgeting: concept , history , methodologies ,designing templates , regulations , participatory cycles , etc.

2) Consultancy to authorities in the form of individualized support to municipalities with BP processes underway or for those interested in implementing new experiences . This advice takes into consideration aspects such as design, management , monitoring and evaluation of experiences .

3) Construction of a website which should contain a directory of BP experiences in Cape Verde, with its mapping and description, as well as contact information for those responsible for each PB, disclosure of instruments and materials used , dates and locations of public meetings , etc. The website must include: project presentation, news, schedule, library , resource centre and links of interest .

4) A National Meeting on Participatory Budgeting is to be held annually, every time in a different municipality, which promotes this kind of experience. These meetings should contribute to increasing the collective knowledge of the OP in Cape Verde , encourage the sharing of experiences and create bonds of networking between promoting authorities of PB.

5 ) Preparation of a publication on the subject of the Participatory Budget that should contain two parts:

The Santa Cruz project for PB in Capo Verde is the biggest one and the most important experiment in the country due to its size.

Field Urban
Source Participatory Budgeting Cape Verde. Source: Participedia. 

Santa Cruz, Cape Verde

Project Details

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