Rio de Janeiro – Condominio Esperanza (Hope Condominium Coop)

Av. de Santa Cruz, 7190 - Senador Camará, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 21830-264, Brazil

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Country Brazil
City Rio de Janeiro
Name Condominio Esperanza
Date 2011
Description of the project The Condomínio Esperança (Hope Condominium) is a housing cooperative for afordable houses in slums with federal economic resources in the Juliano Moreira neighborhood in Rio’s West Zone.

Esperança will be the first housing cooperative launched in Rio de Janeiro with resources from the Minha Casa Minha Vida-Entidades (MCMV-En) program, created in 2009 by the federal government and still little known in the majority of Brazilian states. Linked to the National Secretary of Housing of the Ministry of Cities with resources from Caixa Econômica federal bank, Entidades arose after much struggle by social movements for the right to housing, with the objective of making this right accessible to families organized through housing cooperatives and associations. In practice, the proposal is to promote self-management and make it possible for residents themselves to take part in the whole process of planning and building the housing projects, in contrast to what happens in the traditional process of the [much-criticized mass-production model of the] Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV) program.

The beneficiary families have monthly incomes between R$0 and R$1,600. A monthly contribution is calculated according to the income each family declares at the beginning of construction and begins the moment the family moves to the new home. Everyone will continue making monthly payments for over the next ten years.

Urban Co-Governance Weak
Enabling State Weak
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice Weak
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Report of the project by Caixa Bank : Prêmio CAIXA – Melhores Práticas em Gestão Local – Report
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