Urban reinvestment by The Genitori Scuola Di Donato Association

Il sito dell'Associazione Genitori Scuola Di Donato di Roma.

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name Urban reinvestment by The Genitori Scuola Di Donato Association
Date 2003
Description of the project The Genitori Scuola Di Donato Association aims to serve as a catalyst for civic engagement by fostering socialization and participation through the provision of recreational, artistic, cultural, sports, educational and training activities, promoting and consolidating the mutual exchange between the different cultural identities of the Esquilino district from a mutualistic perspective. (translated to english from the website)

The Genitori Scuola Di Donato Association has made “direct and voluntary participation in the care of school and neighborhood spaces its guiding principle, promoting virtuous circles of citizen and institutional empowerment.
Therefore, in addition to the recovery of the abandoned spaces of the institute, the association has fought for the recovery of the gardens of Piazza Vittorio and Piazza Manfredo Fanti, the opening of the gyms of the former Silvio Pellico institute to the neighborhood, the creation of the pedestrian plaza at the school exit, and the activation of home-school-playground routes with safe crossings” (Soucre : https://www.romasette.it/archivio/integrazione-a-scuola-genitori-in-prima-linea/ translated to english.)

Through the management, in synergy with institutions, of an Open and Participatory School, school as a common good, AG aims to offer girls, children and adults (interested and not necessarily parents) a place to meet and share, open to the territory in extracurricular hours. (translated to english from the website)

Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
Project Website http://www.genitorididonato.it/wp/
References, sources, contact person(s) Press article : https://www.romasette.it/archivio/integrazione-a-scuola-genitori-in-prima-linea/

Contact : genitorididonato@gmail.com


Piazza Fanti Municipio I, Roma 00185 Italy


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July 26, 2018