Cafarella park (Parco della Caffarella)

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name Cafarella park (Parco della Caffarella)
Date 1984
Description of the project “The Committee for the Caffarella Park, which has as its symbol the stylised farmhouse of Vaccareccia, was founded in 1984 by some young people of the time with the aim of eliminating degradation, expropriating the area, creating a public park within the larger complex of the Appia Antica Park and disseminating the great historical-artistic-naturalistic heritage of the IX Municipality. To this end, the Committee for the Caffarella Park has collaborated with the Municipality of Rome for the drafting of the Caffarella Use Plan, for the first expropriation of 70 hectares of the valley (1999) and for the second expropriation of a further 40 hectares plus the farmhouses (2005). The Committee also cooperates with the Province of Rome and the Lazio Region, and with the Appia Antica Park Authority. Through conferences and the publication of several texts on the historical-artistic-naturalistic heritage of the Caffarella and the villas and monuments of the IX Municipality, the Committee has made its contribution to the dissemination of the remarkable cultural heritage of this area of our city.” (source : website)
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Contact : Associazione di volontariato
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Largo Pietro Tacchi Venturi Municipio IX, Roma 00179 Italia


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July 26, 2018