Urban Gardens Tre Fontane (Orti Urbani Tre Fontane)

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name Urban Gardens Tre Fontane (Orti Urbani Tre Fontane)
Date 2013
Description of the project “The Orti Urbani are special, unique places with a rare and valuable natural, cultural and social heritage, difficult to find in other spaces in the city. Open spaces are transformed into large research laboratories with paths to follow and places to discover full of surprises: ‘gyms’ for educational activities that allow unique experiences in contact with nature, history and traditions.
(…) Doing projects of a social nature, promoting eco-sustainable practices, socio-professional reintegration, valuable places for the care and support of various forms of social distress, redevelopment of urban contexts against land consumption in opposition to building speculation projects. But also, last but not least, the promotion of practices capable of reinventing citizen participation processes, a drive to collectively take care of the Common Good. This, in short, is the experience that we as the Orti Urbani Tre Fontane Association have put into practice in recent years.” (source : website)
Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
Project Website http://ortiurbanitrefontane.it/
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Parco Longanesi, Largo Virgilio Maroso Roma (RM)


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July 26, 2018