Nuovo Cinema Aquila

Nuovo Cinema Aquila

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name Nuovo Cinema Aquila
Date 1996
Description of the project Thanks to the struggles of the neighbourhood inhabitants organised in committees and the insistent demands of the Pigneto Youth Group, the cinema has become a symbol of democracy and participation. Seized from organised crime, it has been entirely renovated by the City of Rome to offer the city a new cultural space dedicated to cinema and the visual arts and to foster the renewal of cultural offerings in the field of cinema through the promotion of contemporary film productions

“The Cinema Aquila became part of the heritage of Roma Capitale thanks to Law 109 of 7 March 1996, Disposizioni in materia di gestione di beni sequestrati o confiscati.” (translated from

Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
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via L’Aquila 68 Municipio VI, Roma 00176 Italia


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July 26, 2018