Medellin – Laboratorios de creaciòn

Credits: Foto: Secretaría de Desarrollo de Económico de Medellín.
Location Medellin
Field Local economic development, community
Goals Creation Laboratories are spaces where ideas are born, incubated and started. They are factories to focus talent and enrich. Knowledge through creative practice, the use of high-tech tools and the expert advice of a group of professionals. There, with free access to the use of advanced technological infrastructure, will produce ingenious answers to daily problems; Giving body and use to the ideas that are in the minds of citizens.


Highlight programs / initiatives Laboratories of Creation arise in the important cultural context in which Medellin is transformed using the minds of its own inhabitants and its ancestral capacity to take new paths. In this historical context, innovation and technology are not something exclusive to the academy, companies or the State, but, mainly, it is the citizenship the call to take the reins of its destiny and to be part of this transformation. At a time when the city of Medellin intends to be the most innovative in the country, a true culture of innovation is the path chosen by its Inhabitants to reach this historic goal, in the laboratories of Creation hatch the ideas that will transform tomorrow.

Innovation is not only for scientists and researchers. Housewives, students, teachers and community leaders, among others, were among the 85 people who participated in Creation Laboratories, an initiative led by Ruta N to promote the social appropriation of technologies

Year of beginning 2014
Economic resources
Political source
Referents Alejandro Franco, Executive director of Ruta N (Sent- not reply)



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