London – Remakery

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Country United Kingdom
City London
Name Remakery
Date 2011
Description Remakery is set on underused garages in a housing estate in Brixton as a social enterprise. The project is based on upcycling second-hand materials and skills to empower the local community in finding jobs in the arts and crafts sector while driving a local social economy by selling the products created on the set carpentry workshop.

Around 200 tons of material such as metal, wood, electronics, paints, and textiles are repurposed every year, with 220 millions of tons every year discarded by the construction industry in London. Part of this material is repurposed by Remakery while driving a social empowerment process led by learning through doing.

Profits made in the project are reused for membership and social programmes targeting disadvantaged social groups of society, with part of it being reinvested in the local community for further development.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Strong
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice N/A
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Brixton, London


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June 8, 2018