The House of Gardening (La Casa del Giardinaggio)

La Casa del Giardinaggio

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name The House of Gardening (La Casa del Giardinaggio)
Description of the project “The House of Gardening, located in San Placido Park in the Ardeatino neighborhood, is a facility dedicated to teaching gardening practices to Capitoline school children and Roman citizens. The House of Gardening houses a collection of the different plant species characteristic of the Roman Agro and Urbe gardens in an equipped green area of about two hectares. The facility is equipped with greenhouses for plant propagation, a large outdoor area equipped for conducting the practical activities carried out during the gardening workshops, and a multimedia room. The House of Gardening offers various cultural and educational activities to Roman citizens, including popular courses for adults, professional training courses, seminars and events on the topics of environmental education, gardening and urban horticulture.” sources : website
Urban Co-Governance
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Via Ardeatina 610 – Parco di San Placido IX Municipio, Roma 00178 Italia


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July 26, 2018