Hortus Urbis

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name Hortus Urbis
Date 2012
Description of the project Hortus Urbis is an experimental project on public space and biodiversity managed by the association Zappata Romana, born in 2012 in Rome in an unused green area in the frame of the Appia Antica Park. It was destined to be a shared space and a didactic vegetable garden with plants used in ancient Rome selected among those discovered in the excavations of Pompeii or mentioned by Columella, Pliny the Elder, Cato, Virgil.
The Appia Antica Park is one of the most significant protected areas of the city because of its location in the middle of the urban center and because of the extraordinary historical and environmental potential that it can transmit, especially to the younger generations.
The aims of the project concern both natural and cultural aspects. The objective is to increase the sensibilisation of children, youth and adults for the respect of nature through understanding and knowledge. This is a project of education to respect and protect the historical and artistic heritage and the environment in general.
At the Hortus Urbis are held every Sunday workshops for children that have as their central focus on nature, food and culture. There are educational modules in collaboration with associations and groups active in the area concerning gardening, cooking, painting. During the week are hosted schools in the area. There are also courses for adults in gardening, knowledge of wild plants, recovery of ancient skills such as basketry, pruning roses, cooking, watercolors.
The Hortus Urbis is maintained through the voluntary activities of citizens and with the support of local associations, without public contributions.
This collaborative community has created a form of management of the shared resource that is environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable to ensure its use by the whole community.
Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
Project Website http://www.hortusurbis.it/
References, sources, contact person(s) Contact : hortus.zappataromana@gmail.com


L’ex Cartiera Latina, via Appia Antica, Roma 00179 Italia



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July 26, 2018