Ex Cinema impero

Image source: https://www.ecomuseocasilino.it/percorsi/item/cinema-impero/
Country Italy
City Rome
Name Ex Cinema Impero
Date 2014
Description of the project Built after the mid-1930s by architect Mario Messina, cinema activities took place in the Roman structure until the 1970s, when it lowered its shutters. Since then, the Cinema Impero started to be deteriorated.
The owner of the building embarked on a project to rehabilitate and renovate the premises in the early 2000s, allocating part of the space to the ‘Sapienza – University of Rome’. However it failed due to a massive and long-lasting occupation that affected the building until 2010.A participatory design process took place to renovate the place. Participatory workshops intend to construct the guidelines for the reopening of the former Cinema Impero, now Cantiere Impero, by involving all the associative, professional, institutional, civic realities of the area and beyond, in order to create a new model of dispute over disused private assets for cultural use.Following this participatory design process, in October 2014 works began on the front part of the Cinema (the one that faces Via Acqua Bullicante), which represents 1/5 of the complex. In July 2015, it was completed with the opening of 5 floors and part of the foyer. In this front part, the work was carried out by the owner. The remaining 4/5 are owned by a company. Rooms have been turned into offices and flats into cultural spaces where artistic training services (dance, theatre, performance, etc.) are provided. The space is managed by a private association (SpazioImpero) that offers the space for rent.According to the City Hall, it will have a twofold objective: “To become a pole of research and innovation for professionals and to represent a meeting point for the community, a centre where everyone, from children to the elderly, can engage, even for pleasure, in activities related to art, the physical and wellness.” In the Cantiere Impero there are a number of associations that work autonomously.

CantiereImpero is coordinated by a working group consisting of members of the Tor Pignattara Neighbourhood Committee and the Casilino Ecomuseum Association Ad Duas Lauros with the collaboration of other volunteer citizens.

Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
Project Website https://cinemaimpero.wordpress.com
References, sources, contact person(s) Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RiapriamoCinemaImpero/

Casilino Ecomuseum : https://www.ecomuseocasilino.it/percorsi/item/cinema-impero/

Ideazione e coordinamento Progetto
Claudio Gnessi | claudio.gnessi@gmail.com

Progettazione e coordinamento laboratori partecipativi
Romina Peritore | rperitore@gmail.com

Via acqua bullicante,123 Tor pignattara, Roma 00177


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July 26, 2018