EcoMuseo Casilino Ad Duas Lauros

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name EcoMuseo Casilino Ad Duas Lauros
Date 2012
Description of the project The project – unanimously approved by resolution 24.1.2011 of the former Rome VI Municipality – envisages the systematization of the immense demoetnoantropological, archaeological, historical, artistic, landscape, urban planning, spiritual heritage stratified in the area called Comprensorio Casilino Ad Duas Lauros and, for historical-social-morphological homogeneity, of the entire Rome V Municipality. The Ecomuseum is not a defined physical space, but (as Hugues de Varine says) is an everywhere fruit of a collective path, which is built by identifying the elements that will be part of it, enhancing and connecting them.” The Ecomuseum, again quoting Varine, is “something that represents what a territory is, and what its inhabitants are, starting with the living culture of the people, their environment, what they have inherited from the past, what they love and what they wish to show to their guests and pass on to their children. The mission is to build a possible model to be declined in the Rome 5 Municipality through the creation of an extended network of citizens and associations, with the aim of creating a real tool that allows the protection, enhancement and development of the territory according to sustainable, equitable, durable, participatory standards.

This collaborative community has initiated a form of management of the shared resource that is environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally sustainable to ensure its enjoyment by the whole community

Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
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July 26, 2018