Community-led solid waste management – Koregaoni

Porwal Rd, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411047, India

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Country India
City Koregaon Bhima, Maharashtra   
Name Community-led solid Waste management – Koregaoni
Date 2016
Description of the project CHF initiated its project on community-led solid waste management with the goal of to providing a simple, sustainable and natural method of composting.

Some of the project’s components are : building a recycling/composting unit, recruitment and training of community leaders, and finally, waste collection and composting. CHF installed electricity and drinking water in each unit, provided free by the local government. CHF initially tried to use existing buildings as recycling units, it proved easier to get land from the local government to construct a whole new building.

The project started with the formation of a committee of women in each community who will be responsible for managing the entire project. CHF conducts capacity building activities for these recruits, who then lead awareness activities in their communities to discuss solid waste management. Waste collectors are also recruited within the communities, and paid for their work. Besides, the project currently charges user fees of INR 100 per household to pay waste collectors and for repairs and maintenance of the recycling unit. Finally, the community project leaders take the initiative to speak to visiting bureaucrats or other officials to explain the value of the project.  

The efforts made by CHF in capacity building, training and construction of a composting unit proved sustainable even without corporation funding and CHF participation.

Urban Co-Governance Strong
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice Weak
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