Buenos Aires – Matienzo Club Cultural

Credits: Picture by http://ccmatienzo.com.ar/wp/events/jam-de-dibujo-28/




Buenos Aires
Name Matienzo Club Cultural
Community Level Neighborhood
Sector Urban regeneration, cultural revitalization
Year of beginning 2008
People involved An interdisciplinary team of 80 people leads the Club Cultural Matienzo
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) Citizens
Type of commons cultural
Object The Club Cultural Matienzo is a civic non profit association created by 5 argentinian citizens and now involving more than 80, which promotes, features, and hosts cultural, artistic and communal projects.

At the intersection between cooperative and a network of organizations, Matienzo is a place for the development of a communal identity.

Matienzo proposes a wide cultural offer ranging from music shows, film and literature events, contemporary art exhibits, multidisciplinary festivals, a program for the training of artists, a radio station, and other initiatives that take place every day inside and outside of the club.

Matienzo also supports and links other similar projects like Abogados Culturales and the Yo Reciclo project.


Matienzo’s philosophy is based on community building, open governance, and a vision centered on people, able to foster connections among them, ideas and diverse knowledge, as well as collective action and social change.

Field Urban
Source Website
Website http://ccmatienzo.com.ar/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/CCM-CarpetaInstitucional2015.pdf

buenos aires

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