Brussels – GASAP

Location Brussels
Level City
Sector producer-consumer network, food
Year of beginning 2006
People involved 90 groups
Who started the initiative 15 associations got together to ratify a chart for the creation of the CLTB platform
Type of commons
Object The ‘GASAP’ (‘Solidarity Purchasing Groups for Peasant Agriculture’) is active in the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) since 2006. The GASAP is a Community Supported Agriculture movement linking consumers directly with producers. Throughout the years, the GASAP has experienced a considerable development, counting nowadays over 90 consumer-producer groups scattered in the Brussels-Capital Region and the neighbouring territory. Each group links 15 to 20 households, sometimes even more, to one or more producers.

Considering its horizontal and bottom-up type of organization, the typical agents composing the GASAP are the consumers and the producers themselves. Due to the often spontaneous and informal manner by which new GASAP groups are created, not every participant is an actual member of the GASAP network. Becoming a member encompasses practical as well as symbolic aspects. Practical aspects include the right to vote at the general assembly anmore recently, the requirement of paying a membership fee; symbolic aspects encompass the embracement of the GASAP’s values, expressed in its principles, as well as in its political and societal objectives


Field Urban
Source Websites, paper from Alessandra Manganelli and Frank Moulaert


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