Bilbao – AS Fabrik

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Location Bilbao
Name AS-Fabrik
Community Level City
Sector Digital collaborative ecosystems, economic development
Year of beginning 2017
People involved Ayuntamiento de Bilbao; Bilbao Ekintza – Public Agency; Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa J.M.A. S.COOP – Research Center; Mondragon Unibertsitatea Enpresagintza S.COOP – Research Center; MIK S. COOP. – Research Center; GAIA – Association of Electronic and Information ; Technologies in the Basque Country – NGO; Deusto Foundation – Basque Institute of Competitiveness – Research Center; Asoc. Cluster Audiovisual de Euskadi – EIKEN BASQUE AUDIOVISUAL – NGO; Mondragon Centro de Promocion, S.COOP – Business Support Center; IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, S.A.U. (IDOM) – Private Company
Object AS-FABRIK aims to shape a collaborative pilot Ecosystem for current or future workers of the KIBS sector (university students, entrepreneurs and professionals) so they can acquire the needed skills to attend the future demands of the manufacturing industry sector related with their digital transformation process.

As- Fabrik is structured around five pillars:

  • New education programs for university students, entrepreneurs and professionals addressing the new challenges of the industry 4.0 and the digital economy.
  • Networking actions among the main Stakeholders (local policy makers and policy experts, universities, entrepreneurs, KIBS companies and industrial sector) to ensure a good match between demand and supply, supported by tailored IT tools.
  • Definition of new business models that cover the industry demands and specialized start-ups launching support.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) test Fab Lab for the market validation of new products/services.
  • Physical and virtual Infrastructure to host the above mentioned items

These actions will position Bilbao as a specialized territory in the development of the Digital Economy and its firms as internationally first level suppliers of the manufacturing industry

Field Urban
Source UIA – Urban Innovation Actions


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