Barcelona – Plan de Barri

Location Barcelona
Field Urbanism and citizen participation
Goals The Neighbourhood Plan aims to reduce disparities between the districts of Barcelona, ​​favouring access to income, services, quality urban and welfare for all citizens.

The plan marks four main goals: a) Restore and boost economic activity; b) Make planning face deficit; c) Establish act cautiously and improving the living conditions of the population; d) Empower neighbours. e) Innovate and change the working methods of public administration.


In this term actions be undertaken in 16 districts included within these areas. The criteria for joining the Plan are as follows:


·      Average income level of the neighborhood about the whole city

·      Socio-economic indicators, educational and social difficulty

·      Presence of groups in need of special attention

·      Presence of urban deficits

·      State housing stock

·      Existence of complementary actions

·      Existence of proposals and demands neighborhood

·      Joint associations



Highlight programs / initiatives To develop it, has designed a process for the participation of residents and local associations. His intervention will be crucial, especially during the period of preparation. Therefore, define actions after each quarter the following sequence:

1. Shared diagnosis, established with contributions and technical studies of districts and municipalities, as well as proposals in the process of PAM / PAD and meetings with local organizations.

2. Open to residents, local organizations and residents of the first line of work. Travellers also create information points where you can say it’s a neighbourhood plan as applied in the region and how they can participate. These information points will be set depending on the district in which it operates.

3. Then convene a meeting of the participation in the work that define and document the neighbourhood plan.

4. Finally define a space as the board could be neighbours to present the final document.


In 2016, they stated with three neighbourhoods (El Bon Pastor I Baró De Viver; Trinitat Nova; El Besòs I El Maresme). Their goal is to achieve 15 neighbourhoods to the end of their governmental period.


Currently, they are defining six more neighbourhoods for the plans:

Pla de Barri de la Zona Nord (Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona i Torre Baró);

Pla de Barri de La Verneda i la Pau; Pla de Barri de La Trinitat Vella;

Pla de Barri del Raval Sud i Gòtic Sud; Pla de Barri de la Marina del Port i la Marina del Prat Vermell; Pla de Barri de Sant Genís dels Agudells i la Teixonera



Year of beginning 2016
Economic resources 150M€ from the Ajuntament de Barcelona’s budget. The budget will be managed by the areas, districts and the public company “Fomento de ciudad”. Each neighbourhood will have 10M aprox. to spend.
Political source  
Referents Anna Terra Sans, Directora General de Fomento de Ciudad, SA (Municipal Company)


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