Baltimore – Community Land Trusts

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Location Baltimore
Name Community Land Trusts: the Charm City Land Trust and the North East Housing Initiative (NEHI)
Community Level Neighborhood
Sector Community building, affordable housing
Year of beginning 2000; 2012
People involved Charm City Land Trust owns and stewards 19 parcels of open space plus other properties, 15-member board of directors; NEHI…
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) Citizens got together and founded an NGO in the case of CCLT; NEHI developed out of St. Anthony’s Church Social Advocacy committee.
Type of commons housing
Object Both part of the Baltimore Housing Roundtable, Charm City Land Trust (CCLT) and the North East Housing Initiative (NEHI)  are the only two CLTs operating in Baltimore. They are based in the Eastern side of the city, where there is a crucial need for affordable housing. These land trusts were conceived as the best tools to support the community, offer socio-economic stability, create employment opportunities and regenerate the neighborhood while avoiding displacement.

To give an idea of the target group of these CLTs, NEHI says they look to reach potential homeowners with 60%-80% of North East Baltimore’s Area Median Income (AMI).

Finally, apart from working to provide affordable housing options, the CCLT owns and manages 19 parcels of open space called the Amazing Port Street Commons, which includes community gardens, a labyrinth, and a mural artwork. The Commons were created as a shared space for the benefit of all, in order to provide collective healing and reflection.  

Field Urban
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